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2018 Officers and Local 11 Staff



 Barbara Melton, President
 Doug Luse, Vice President
 Maureen Colvin, Executive Secretary-Treasurer
 Debi Turk, Recording Secretary*
 Vacant, Trade Union Offices
Tyler Wilson, At Large
 Kayleen Williams, At  Large
 Vacant, At Large
 Angela Williams, Sergeant-at-Arms*
 Marcee Wright, Public Employees
 Glynis Stevens, Public Employees
 John Goebel, Utilities
 Lori Ricketts, Utilities
 Kim King, Trustee*
 Miriam Hammer, Trustee*
 Brandi Sargent, Trustee*
 *No voting privileges


 Local 11 Staff and Email Contacts

Maureen Colvin, Executive Secretary-Treasurer

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Karyn Morrison, Union Representative

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Debi Turk, Support Staff

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