2020 Officers and Local 11 Staff

Executive Secretary-Treasurer – Maureen Goldberg

President – Barbara Melton

Vice President – John Goebel

Recording Secretary* – Autumn Sailor

Labor Organization – Luz Reyes Geislinger

At-Large – Aron Ruljancich

At-Large – Kayleen Williams

At-Large – Sue McMerrick

Sergeant-At-Arms* – Doug Luse

Public Employees – Marcee Wright

Public Employees – Julia Taylor

Utilities – Lori Ricketts

Utilities – Chris Ray

Trustee* – Kim King

Trustee* – Jennifer Carter

Trustee* – Joyce Scudder

 *No voting privileges

 Local 11 Staff and Email Contacts

Maureen Goldberg, Executive Secretary-Treasurer

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Doug Luse, Organizer/Representative

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Olivia Glassow, Intern Union Representative

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Karyn Morrison, Union Representative

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Cheyenne West, Administrative Assistant

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